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Amazon Plans To Invest $700 Million To Retrain One-Third Of Its Workers

The trillion-dollar company Amazon has unveiled its plans to retrain one-third of its workforce-100.000 employees by the year 2025. According to the company, it will help the employee to advance in the jobs or find new careers. The tech giant intends to restructure the training programs to be voluntary which most of them are free.

The company said in a statement that the programs will help people to  “access training to move into highly skilled technical and non- technical roles across the company’s corporate offices, tech hubs, fulfillment centers, retail stores, and transportation network, or pursue career paths outside of Amazon”

According to the company’s blog the retraining program will include:

Amazon’s retraining programs will include:

  • Amazon Technical Academy, which equips non-technical employees with the skills to transition into software engineering careers;
  • Associate2Tech, which trains fulfillment center associates to move into technical roles;
  • Machine Learning University, which offers employees with tech backgrounds the opportunity to access machine learning skills;
  • Amazon Career Choice, a pre-paid tuition program designed to train fulfillment center associates in high-demand occupations of their choice;
  • Amazon Apprenticeship, a Department of Labor certified program that offers paid intensive classroom training and on-the-job apprenticeships with Amazon; and
  • AWS Training and Certification, which provide employees with courses to build practical AWS Cloud knowledge.

The program will cost Amazon $7000/employee which is the biggest initiatives taken by any tech giant company. “While many of our employees want to build their careers here, for others it might be a stepping stone to different aspirations,” said Beth Galetti, a senior vice president of human resources at Amazon. “We think it’s important to invest in our employees and to help them gain new skills and create more professional options for themselves. With this pledge, we’re committing to support 100,000 Amazonians in getting the skills to make the next step in their careers.”

Amazon stocks are one of the top five performers stock this year. It is up by 34% this year. Last year it raised the salary of all of its U.S. employees to $15/ hour.


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