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Bill Gates Foundation Snaps Out Apple Researcher Andrew Trister

Apple Inc has defined diversification effectively. It has already embarked on a journey to mark its footprint in the health care industry. It has had launched Apple wearable products that help to monitor healthcare of body.

Dr. Andrew Tister, an early employee of Apple Healthcare is departing the company to join the role of deputy director of health innovation at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He will join the foundation with his researcher Stephen Friend.

Tim Cook earlier said that Apple’s healthcare will be the greatest contribution to humankind. But over the years it has lost many many talented people over the years who would have helped Apple to contribute to the health care industry.

Apple’s Warris Bokhari, vice president of digital care delivery left the company and joined Insurance giant Anthem. The same health insurance company is responsible for poaching dozen Apple employees. It hired Ted Goldstein, a former Apple vice president from 2002 to 2007, to run its AI and health data efforts,Ted Goldstein, president of AI that looked over AI and healthcare efforts.

Andrew Trister was one of the responsible researchers contributing to the Eli Lilly Dementia Study. The study involves whether iPhone and wearable devices such as Apple would be able to detect early signs of dementia. Eli Lilly and startup Evidation Health partnered to work on the project.

Talking about Andrew’s role at the foundation, he will be looking forward to working with entrepreneurs in the digital world. He will make sure that the technology spread out from the United States to the developing countries. Also, to invest in the companies that are working in underprivileged regions of rural Africa and India.

“We’re looking to help both consumers and community health workers globally, as we see smartphones playing an increasingly important role,” he said. However, he didn’t confirm if he will be continuing research on smartphones.

The news was first reported by CBNC.


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