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Blue origin Moon lander fire test

Blue Origin Fires Up Its Moon Lander Engine For The First Time

The aerospace company Blue Origin has successfully fired up its Moon Lander for the first time. It’s BE-7 Engine will help the Moon Lander to shepherd to the lunar surface. Jeff Bezos posted a video last night of the hot fire test that took place at  NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama On Wednesday. The engine was ignited for the 35 seconds during the test.

BE-7 is capable of producing 10,000 pounds of thrust force. The company is leveraging its experience on the larger BE-3 engine used it on  New Shepard suborbital vehicle and upper stage of its New Glenn orbital rocket.

The video shows that at the start, the engine threw bright green flames horizontally, which is due to the fluid used on the engine. After a few seconds, the flame turned clear for the rest of the test. As the fluid burns away, the engine runs on the oxygen and hydrogen which are the by-products of water. This news comes after Jeff Bezos unveiled its Moon Lander to the world.

Jeff Bezos claims that the moon lander can carry robotic rovers and even separate spacecraft along with it. During the event, he said that Moon lander can carry a payload between 3.6 and 6.5 metric tonnes. He also said that he is very interested in helping NASA with its plans to return humans to the surface of the moon. This year, NASA will be finalizing lander designs and Blue Origin seems to be one of the foremost contenders.

“Ultimately, we’re going to be able to get hydrogen from that water on the moon, and be able to refuel these vehicles on the surface of the moon,” he said then.

Jeff Bezos seems to follow Elon Musk footsteps who posted the post engine test photo on Twitter. Blue Origin hopes to achieve the milestone by 2024 that will carry the astronaut to the moon. And the successful fire test is a sign that they can make things possible within the timeframe.


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