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Boeing Loses 737 Max Order To Rival Airbus

The U.S. aerospace manufacturer Boeing lost its big order of 737 Max to European rival Airbus on Sunday. Saudi Arabia’s flyadeal will buy up to 50 Airbus A320neo planes worth $5.5 Billion. This deal reflects that Airbus is turning over major of Boeing’s towards it.

Boeing 737 Max plans are grounded ever since the two fatal crashes that occurred in the interval of five months. The Saudi Arabian airline was launched in September 2017 and started with Airbus A320 single-aisle planes but last December it made a commitment to buy MAX planes. The deal would have brought Boeing about $5.9 Billion before Industry Standard discounts.

Boeing said that the two companies didn’t strike a deal due to the “schedule requirements”. In the Paris Air Show, the company called out an order of 100 MAX planes from the British Airways Parent, International Consolidated Airlines Group SA. It is considered as the first order after the months after the accident. This deal strives out to be a confidence deal among other airline companies.

While Federal Aviation Officials is close to approval to 737 MAX planes after its software fix that caused the problem in the anti-stall system of the plane.  The European Union Aviation Agency[EASA] has brought out a list of changes to Boeing’ plane that includes the change in its auto-pilot system.

According to Bloomberg, the European agency has concerns about the plane’s autopilot system. To be specific, it is concerned that the autopilot doesn’t disengage in certain situations, which means it would be difficult if not impossible for pilots to take action before the plane stalls. This concern has not been raised by the FAA, at least not publicly.

In a statement, FAA declines any such matter raised by EASA and also adds “The FAA continues to work closely with other validating civil aviation authorities on our review of Boeing’s certification documentation for the 737 MAX. This process involves regular communications among all parties.”


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