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China makes Mandatory For EV Companies To Re-Evaluate Their Designs

China has made the Electric vehicle companies re-examine and re-evaluate their designs after spurring fires from the electric vehicles in the country. The government needs the company to check on its battery enclosures. high -voltage wiring controllers and chargers. They need it to get the re-evaluation to get complete by October 2019.

The move by the China government is after two Tesla cars caught fire in Shanghai and Hongkong whose video clips were shared on social media. The latest incident was occurred by the Chinese EV company NIO. China is the largest market of electric cars and it’s not clear what the latest evaluation will affect the company.

“The government should order Nio to immediately stop selling until it figures out the problems and communicates the results,” (our translation) a netizen commented in a Weibo announcement released Friday by Nio.

The Ministry of government mentioned, “The enterprise[the company] shall assume the first responsibility for the safety of new energy vehicles. In the event of a fire or burning accident, the enterprise shall conduct an accident investigation in a timely manner. The production enterprise shall, within 12 hours (if it causes death or major social impact, it shall be within 6 hours) The basic information of the accident, the accident details will be reported within 48 hours, and the lead department and equipment center of the new energy vehicle work joint meeting will be reported to the initiative.”


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