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Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader and Boeing
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Consumer Advocate Ralp Nadar to Boeing: 737 Max Should Never Fly

Boeing is slumped with multiple investigations that have affected their dominance in the Airplane market. Since the two fatal crashes, the regulators have ordered to ground Boeing 737 Max Airlines have canceled thousands of flights due to the grounding of the plane.

Amid the tension in the company, Consumer Advocate Ralph Nadar has urged Federal Aviation Administration to not allow Boeing 737 Max to fly again. The plane is one of the highest-selling models for the company. “The plane cannot be refixed,” he said.

The two fatal crashes that were due to the fault in the anti-stall system was fixed by Boeing after the investigation. But later, Boeing discovered more problems in their system and are fixing to prepare Max to fly again. But advocate says that “It has to be recalled” and should be permanently taken out the service.

Earlier this month, Boeing announced that it will reveal its second-quarter results on Wednesday. During the announcement, it said it will take out $4.94 billion hit in the second quarter due to the grounding. While Ralph Nadar said to CBNC says that Boeing needs to  “take their losses”.

Some government and industry officials said that it will be unlikely to carry the passengers until 2020 as the need to fix flight-control software and the growing list of spanning procedure to analyze every bit of the plane. While Boeing executives and some FAA leaders expect the plane to fly this fall.

Boeing responded to Nader’s comments. Their spokesperson said “Our deepest sympathies are with the families and loved ones of those who died on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Lion Air Flight 610 and we continue to assist the investigating authorities as they work to complete the accident investigations. Safety is our first priority as we work with global regulators and customers to return the MAX to service.”

Nader added that FAA has been in the pocket of Boeing and said that he has never seen so many whistleblowers and experts condemning Boeing’s practices. On the software fix, he said that they’re ignoring preventable aerodynamic design and “stuck with their bad decision”

Ahead of second-quarter results, the leader of the top pilot association said that 737 Max wouldn’t be given green light until they do it. Even after Boeing fixes the problem, it will be difficult to regain the customer’s confidence in them.

In the start of the month, Boeing announced $100 Million fund tom support the families that have been affected by the crash.


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