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Donal Trump impose sanction to freeze Ali Khamenei

Donald Trump Imposes Sanctions To Freeze Assets Of Iranian Top Leader

Earlier, Trump sanctioned a cyber attack on Iran that control the rockets and missiles that can lead to potential disruption. Now, Trump has ordered sanctions on Iran that will freeze the assets of the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei’s office and several Iranian military commanders. The administration also plans to target the foreign minister Javed Shariff this week.

The President authorized the sanctions on Monday conveying the message that the U.S. won’t ease up the economic pressure against Iran. Trump has had halted the confrontation to Iran in regards to the shot down of the U.S. surveillance drone and attacking the foreign commercial ships. But now, Trump wants to retaliate with the full efforts.

“We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran,” President said in the Oval Office making Iran to bear the responsibility of the shot down of $130 Million worth drone. The Donald Administration also said that the leader. Ali Khamenei will be denied access to global financial resources and others.

 U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the top officers in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were designated as terror group according to the government due to the recent events. The power that incorporated by Treasury Secretary will make a big impact on the Revolutionary Corps as it “will lock up literally billions of dollars in assets,” Mr. Mnuchin said.

In response to the imposed sanction, Iranian Ambassador Majid Ravachi called the sanctions, “yet another indication that the U.S. has no respect for international law and order as well as the views of the overwhelming majority of the international community.”

Few of the targeted assets fall in the U.S. jurisdiction. The freezing of assets may drop a hammer on the operation of the top leader as he controls global networks of companies and according to experts, which is approximately worth between $100 Billion and $200 Billion.

The authorized sanctions come on the same day Mr. Trump will seek to assemble an International coalition to safeguard the Persian Gulf. “This is having eyes on,” said one State Department official, adding the U.S. would participate in the effort. “So it’s not about shooting at people. It’s about shooting pictures of Iranians.”

This will be another escalation after the cyber attack and will make seat everyone seat tight.


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