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Elon Musk Neuralink plans
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Elon Musk Finally Unveils Brain Startup Neuralink’s Future Plans

Elon’s Brain Startup Neuralink was founded in 2016 but the world didn’t hear much from the startup until 2017. But finally, for the first time, he unveiled the secretive technology to the public. He talked about the project at an event in San Fransico in a live event where he acknowledged the company’s plan.

Neuralink will focus on to control the devices with the brain with the threads implanted by drilling the hole in the brain. The brain threads will be connected to the tiny processor which will help to have a wireless connection with the devices. This will eventually make human to control the devices around him with the help of the brain.

Oxford reports learned that the threads are 4 to 6 μm in width which is considerably thin then hair. Max Hodak, the President of Neuralink said that he wasn’t convinced about the technology but Elon Musk made him believe that it will work.

During the event, Elon Musk said that the prime reason to talk about Neuralink was recruiting. He asked the people to work for the company and to be part of the revolution. We know that Elon Musk had talked about the AI hazard to humankind so to make this possible he wants “to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence” that will not make the human race left behind.

“Neuralink didn’t come out of nowhere, there’s a long history of academic research here,” Hodak said at the presentation on Tuesday. “We’re, in the greatest sense, building on the shoulders of giants.

Elon said that over the years, the installation of the tiny processor[chip] will be as easy as eye-laser technology. The company is seeking approval of the U.S. Food Drug and Administration to start trials on humans. It wants the trial to start before the end of 2020. “It will take a long time, and you’ll see it coming,” Musk said at Tuesday’s event.

The startup wants to aid people with a mental health disorder/brain injuries and also paralyzed patients. Last year, a media outlet reported that Elon Musk startup was conducting the test on rats. The media witnessed that the computer is receiving information from the rat.


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