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FedEx Refuses To Deliver A Huawei Phone In The US

The Donald Administration has banned Huawei imports in the USA. But the things have escalated on a different level. A PCMag writer tried to ship Huawei P30 from its UK office to UK office and it was sent back after a few days. Since the FedEx has identified the IMEI number and it was clear that the box contained Huawei phone.

The package was actually shipped from UK’s Parcelforce to its US partner FedEx and due to the legal emergence, it was shipped back to the UK again. Looking to the legal notice, it said, “US government issue with Huawei and China government.”

FedEx Twitter account replied to the person who asked for the shipment. The tweet says, “Adam, on May 16, 2019, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and 68 of its global affiliates were included on the ‘Entity List’ which sets out a list of certain entities that US companies are restricted from doing business with. My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.”

These few months have been hard on Huawei due to the accusations of spying for the Chinese government but the company has denied the accusations. For now, the company is now on a  reprieval period until August’ 19 where it can only buy components from the US sells for maintaining its existing products but can’t purchase for the manufacturing of the new products.

But UPS can send your Huawei products.”There is not a general ban on shipping Huawei devices between the United Kingdom and United States locations,” a spokesperson of the company told PC. He said that UPS prohibits shipping to “69 selected Huawei locations,”.

Huawei has already developed its own OS system called HongMeng and also applied for trademarks of its OS in various countries. Amid the whole uncertainty, Huawei has Nova 5, Nova 5 Pro, and Nova 5i, alongside a brand new 7nm Kirin 810 chipset, reports GizmoChina.


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