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Gogoro Announces Big Names That Will Use Their Swappable Batteries

Gogoro, a Twainesse based electric company announces three manufacturers that are going to use the company’s swappable batteries in their electric motors. The three names are Yamaha, Aeon Motor, and PGO. Their scooters will be launching this summer-fall and will include batteries and charging infrastructure.

The three partners became part of it by becoming the founder of ‘Powered by Gogoro Network’. This means that the consumers can buy the Gogoro’s own electric scooters or any of the partners. Following the partnership, the consumers can swap the batteries at the 1,600 centers currently in Taiwan.

Most of its technologies are developed in-house while staying on the aim of reducing pollution in heavy traffic. Last month the eight years old company said that is launching the ride-sharing platform. Talking about its plans, it will be partnering the other companies in this domain and expand their business all over the world.

According to company’s statement, “With strong consumer adoption of Gogoro Network battery swapping, the ‘Powered by Gogoro Network’ provides consumers with a variety of choices in scooter brands, designs, features and price and extends Gogoro’s industry leadership in swappable and sustainable refueling. The ‘Powered by Gogoro Network’ provides vehicle makers with access to Gogoro’s innovations and intellectual property including its intelligent drivetrains and controllers, components and smart systems, so each manufacturer can develop and roll-out unique electric vehicles that integrate Gogoro Network battery swapping.”

The company’s CEO Horace Luke said that the company aims to build a sustainable and intelligent urban ecosystem. There’s no doubt that it has become the leader of electric scooter and battery system in the market. Recently launched its 180km range electric motor.

Those batteries use 2170-format cells that are used by Tesla in their electric cars. The model named Gorogo 3 has a top speed of 83lm/hr and similar to the market’s conventional mopeds.


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