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Group Dating App Leaks Data Of 1.5 Million People

Group Dating App 3Fun leaked sensitive data of 1.5 Million users. The data included real-time location, chats, personal data, and even private photos which made the users vulnerable on the Internet world. Ken Munro, the founder of Pen Test Masters was the first one to publish its findings.

The firm said to the Tech Crunch about its findings. Ken Munro addressed that 3Fun is  “probably the worst security for any dating app we’ve ever seen.” While 3Fun is the latest data leak on the Internet, dating apps such as JCrush(Jewish Dating App), and  Donald Daters(Controversial dating app) have reported data breaches over the years.

Pen Test Masters and Tech Crunch both found that dating app was keeping the information in its app rather than keeping in its servers. They were able to find the users sexual orientation, preferred partners, and geolocations. Earlier, The Verge contacted the company spokesperson for a comment. 3fun spokesperson said, “We will focus on updating our product to make it safer.”

While Pen Test Masters contacted for the reported data breach, their spokesperson wrote “Dear Alex, Thanks for your kindly reminding. We will fix the problems as soon as possible. Do you have any suggestion? Regards, The 3Fun Team”

Recently, companies such as Equifax, One Capital, and Marriot International data breach. The big multinationals should get their hands-on security before heading some product launch as user security should be considered as

Isn’t this a casual approach?



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