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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launches And Already Have 400K Download

The highly anticipated game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally out and it already has 400K downloads in the first 24 hours and players around the world has already spent $300K on the game. The game is made by the Pokemon Go makers Niantic. But it has not broken the Pokemon Go records.

Harry Potter was already available in Australia and New Zealand during pre-launch for the trial and during the pre-trial and crossed $80K in the beta period. For the Pokemon Go, the game crossed $1.6 Million during the same period and in the same market.

Following the US launch, it was already in the first position on the IOS store. The new Harry Potter game is ranking 102 in terms of iPhone’s App store revenue and 62 in terms of the grossing game. Well, it’s not ranked yet its Google Play store.

If we compare the Pokemon Go and Harry Potter game, people always had a knack for Pokemon as it was part of childhood. App Annie, app analytics company says that the game will hit $100 Million in 30 days while Pokemon has hit this milestone in two weeks.

“Pokémon GO shattered mobile gaming records, clearing $100 million in its first two weeks and becoming the fastest game to reach $1 billion in consumer spend,” noted App Annie. “While we don’t expect it to surpass Pokémon GO’s launch, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is set to clear $100 million in its first 30 days — which is no small feat.”



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