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House passes $15/hour wage bill

House Passes The ”Wage Act” That Will Hike Federal Wage To $15/Hour

The House has passed the bill to increase the federal wage to $15/hour. This a clear win for liberal activists who have pushed the opposition to hike the pay per hour. According to CBNC, the House-held chamber passed the bill with a 231-199 vote. In which six democrats opposed it and three Republicans supported the bill.

House of Democrats looks over the legislation as a medium to boost the economic growth of the country. Donald Trump supporters urge that strong economic growth and spiking stock market has not done enough for the worker’s relief. This legislation will ultimately boost the confidence among the hardworking people of the country.

“I commend my colleagues for taking this important step towards creating an economy that works for everyone,” said Rep. Bobby Scott, a Virginia Democrat who introduced the legislation, in a statement. “Now, Senate Republicans must decide to either stand with American workers or turn their backs on hardworking people across the country.”

Congress raised the federal minimum wage to $7.25 per hour a decade ago while most of the states have higher payrolls lying on the fundamentals of cost of living in their cities. For example, NewYork has already passed the legislation of $15/ hour while in SeaTac, Wash., it’s $16.09.

One more point of view has been added by the White House regarding the increase in pay per hour. They said that the increase in wage will eliminate many jobs. Earlier in this month, Oxford reports learned that the wage increase has delighted many U.S. citizens but can cost 1.3 Million jobs. Looking over the brighter side, it will help to boost 1.3 Million people above the poverty level.

The prime pieces obtained by the media outlet states that the federal pay will be increased to $15/hour by 2025. It is scheduled in the following manner: $8.40 in 2019, $9.50 in 2020, $10.60 in 2021, $11.70 in 2022, $12.80 in 2023, $13.90 in 2024 and $15 in 2025.

Many of the association and federation stated that the minimum pay increase can “blow out small business” and so conveyed that the House plan is implemented at a wrong time.


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