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Huawei Launches Hongmeng OS And It Can Immediately Replace Android

The Chinese Enterprise Huawei has finally launched its own operating system named Hongmeng. Its decision comes after Donald Trump restricts Google to provide further updates to its smartphones. While the company’s spokesperson said the company was already prepared and was eventually going to launch its OS.

Huawei’s operating system will be named HarmonyOS in English as per Richard Yu, CEO of tech giant consumer division. At the company’s developer conference, it revealed that it can be used in smartphones, speakers, and even sensors.

Oxford reports learned that the operating system will be first used in smart screen products later this year. Over a period of years, the OS will be seeded in other devices that include wearables and car head units. Huawei will initially launch it in China and gradually embark to widespread globally.

HarmonyOS is an open-source helping it to scale and encourage developers to make apps for it. In today’s world, an operating system to be successful it needs many apps. Going forward to comparison, Huawei and Apple will compete directly as both of them will have distinguished products and operating system.

Google has blockedĀ  Huawei from accessing is services. As of now, Huawei is using an advanced android that doesn’t cause a problem in China. But it affects them adversely their smartphone segment globally.

Huawei tweetedA modularized #HarmonyOS can be nested to adapt flexibly to any device to create a seamless cross-device experience. Developed via the distributed capability kit, it builds the foundation of a shared developer ecosystem #HDC2019″

We know that the operating system will be deployed on smartphones and other it’s deploying to other devices too. This is similar to Google’s Fuchsia Operating system designed to work on various devices.

Huawei is on the national security threat list in the United States. While the Commerce Department will issue licenses to the company who want to do business with Huawei for the product that won’t pose a threat.


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