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Huawei’s Sales Market Takes A Jump Due To Patriotic Support

Huawei Technologies the world’s largest telecom equipment provider is facing blacklisting over the concerns of the national security threat. The leading analyst of the industry had speculated the deep down sales of Huawei. However, its half month revenue results surprised many of the experts.

While Huawei’s 5G telecommunication coverage in the United States is expected to be a dream for the company but its own country is giving a lift in terms of sales. According to the market research firm in China, the sales of its smartphone division rose by 38% in the country.

Following the backlisting, Chinese telecom giant sales slipped by 40% but China’s patriotic support has acted as a savior for the company. The companies that compete with Huawei including Apple and Xiaomi has taken a ground hit in this period. The 32 years old companies flagship featured phones sales had a taken a slowdown due to the U.S.  security concerns.

According to the market estimates, the sales of smartphones plummeted by 80% in the UK and UAE. “Huawei is being forced to switch its focus back to China,” Mr. Jiam, market research firm Canalys analyst said. “Of course, China is safer for Huawei. Its brand image is No. 1.”

Xinye Lubricating Oil in Puyang, Henan Province has told their employees that they will be awarded 500 Yuan[$72] for changing their smartphone from iPhone to Huawei. The company issued the statement on WeChat. “Behind the U.S. blockade of Chinese products and enterprises is an alert and resistance to the growing strength of China’s innovation,” the company said on WeChat.

Amid China’s patriotic wave, Donald has relaxed down the restriction on Huawei. He said that the company who want to restart sales with Huawei will need to apply for a license including the products that need to be sold. Oxford report learned that Intel has applied for the license.

Google is not permitted to work with Huawei that has made the company come up with its own operating system called Hongmeng OS. Therefore they cannot use Gmail and Google Maps. “We are now fighting for survival, while also fighting for growth,” Huawei Chairman Howard Liang said at a news conference last week.


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