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Intel sells 5G modem business
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Intel CEO: Company Will Still Be Big Player In 5G Space

On Wednesday the Intel CEO said that his company will still be a big player in 5G Space. After Intel sold its smartphone modem business to Apple the company CEO gave his statement. According to the sources.

Here %5G refers to the next generation of smartphone networking, which will promise super-fast data speed. The 5G network also promises to support the ability of new technologies such as driverless cars.

According to the sources, Apple bought Intel’s modem business for $1billion. Which also includes technology that relates to the development of the 5G modems required for devices to connect the networks.

However, Intel still looks forward to developing 5G chips for non-smartphone products.

Apple purchased Intel’s modem business in order to develop its own in-house 5G modems rather than rely on Qualcomm. Qualcomm is the company with which the iPhone maker has had a fraught history.

Although, selling the modem has approved well for the Intel as well. According to the sources as well as the CEO of Intel Mr. Bob Swan, who said they have a focus on other areas such as 5G and more.

As Mr. Swan spoke with the sources he said, “We’re not an area that would differentiate growth for the industry. And with only one customer, Apple, retaining the business would not provide any attractive returns.”

Mr. Swan further added, “So we doubled down on the 5G networks where we think there are real opportunities and last week we announced the sale of the 5G smartphone modem to Apple.” According to the sources.

“But we also retained the access to the technologies in the event that we need a 5G modem for non-smartphone applications, such as PC or an automobile.” Mr. Swan said on Wednesday.

Mr. Swan also explained how mobile networks will also be a big area for Intel to move forward. He also said that the company will now shift its attention to “cloudification of the network.”


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