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Strait Of Hormuz

Iran Forces Seized British Flagged Oil Tanker At The Strait Of Hormuz

Iranian forces have reported having seized a British ship. The ship was seized at the Strait of Hormuz. The continuous rising tensions between Tehran as well as the West has risked the shipping in the strategically vital waterways.

The UK managers and the British Shipping officials said, A second vessel, this one British managed was boarded by armed Iranian personnel in the Persian Gulf on Friday and later freed.

These actions by Iran comes followed by the earlier seizure done by British authorities on an Iranian oil tanker. After the court in the British territory extended the detention of the seized oil tanker, Iran has threatened retaliation.

Iran’s constant rising tensions with the US and Britain has tightened the economic sanctions at the major water shipping route. The actions come from Iran to negotiate the new limits on its nuclear program and military activities.

Although Washington and Iran both insist on not wanting a war, the situation does not seem like heading well for either of the countries. There are chances that could lead to a wider armed conflict in the Middle East.

Mr. Jeremy Hunt Britain’s Foreign Secretary said he was “extremely concerned” and will conduct a crisis meeting to decide how to respond to this event.

He said the government, “wasn’t looking at military options but rather diplomacy.”According to the sources.

The ship carried a crew of twenty-three, however, it was empty and heading to Saudi Arabia. the purpose was to pick up its cargo.

During that, the ship was approached with several unidentified small craft and a helicopter as it transited the Strait Of Hormuz in international waters, said the vessel’s owner Stena AB Group. According to the sources.

At least three supertankers were asked by their managers to halt sailing close to Iranian waters on Friday said, European brokers.

The tensions at the Strait Of Hormuz continuously appear rising, President of the US Mr. Trump also claimed to have shot down an unmanned Iranian drone at near the Middle Eastern Waters.


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