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Jeffrey Epstein Alleged Of “Improper Sexual Contact” In Jail: Brad Edwards

On Tuesday, one of the accusers of Jeffrey Epstein’s case said, Mr. Epstein still has visits from young women that allegedly resulted in sexual liaisons while Mr. Epstein was still in the “jail” in Florida.

Mr. Epstein who is sixty-six years old was accused of sex-trafficking and was arrested on the 6th of July. On Tuesday, Mr. Epstein was accused by attorney Mr. Brad Edwards of having other relations.

Mr. Edwards claims that Mr. Epstein’s thirteen-month jail sentence the result of plea bargain with the Federal Prosecutors is failed to stop Mr. Epstein from having illegal sexual interactions.

At a Press Conference, Mr. Edwards said a recent article of a newspaper has cited that a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy has described Mr. Epstein as “model prisoner” in a jail term after Mr. Epstein pleaded guilty.

In 2008 Mr. Epstein pleaded guilty of soliciting prostitution in a deal with federal prosecutors which was kept hidden from Mr. SEpstein’s victims.

Mr. Epstein in spite of being registered as a sex offender was allowed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to participate in a work-release program.

This program allowed Mr. Epstein to spend up to sixteen hours six days a week at an office in West Palm Beach. Mr. Epstein was working for a non-profit organization at the Florida Science Foundation.

At the Press Conference, Mr. Edwards said, “Most of the time was spent in an office, a private office that was adjacent to his lawyer’s office all day every day and what you’re going to learn is he was not sitting there conducting some scientific research for the betterment of the community, but he was having office visitors, some who were flown to him from New York and continuing to engage in similar conduct, literally while he was in ‘jail.'”

Mr. Edward said he has no clue about the exact ages of the visitors, however, he is sure that none of them were under the age of 18. “I do know he was able to have visitors under the age of 21,” said Mr. Edward.


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