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Max Baucus: US Tariffs On China Will Continue

On Thursday at CNBC’s Squawk Box Max Baucus a former Democratic Senator spoke of the tensions between the US and China.

Max Baucus was a Democratic Senator from Montana who was an appointed ambassador by the former President Mr. Barack Obama.

In the interview, Mr. Baucus said, “I frankly believe that we’re in a new normal here, no rollbacks, no increase.” according to CNBC.

“Maybe Huawei gets some relief, maybe be we get more agricultural products purchased by China, that’s going to be about it.” Mr. Baucus said while responding to the recent situations between China and the US.

Mr. Baucus commented on the issue right after the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Mr. Steven Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) has urged the American suppliers.

Mr. Mnuchin asked to seek a license from the Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei to resume its sales, the journal also cited people similar to the ongoing situations.

Both the countries (China and the US) desperately are looking for a Trade deal, Mr. Baucus told CNBC.

Mr. Baucus further added, “For Mr. Trump it is politics, it’s not policy. He wants to get re-elected, so he’s going to try to encourage the Chinese to reach some kind of a deal close to the election so the stock market gets a boost.”, said Mr. Baucus on Squawk Box according to CNBC.

Mr. Baucus said, that President Mr. Trump would surely want to close a deal with the Chinese seeking to boost the stocks, nearing to the elections.

A deal between both the strongest economies of the World (US and China) would clearly boost the stocks.

This will aid Mr. Trump to get re-elected in the upcoming elections.

Most Recent Talks:

Earlier in the month of June at the G-20 summit both the leaders shook on not to impose more tariff on one another. Mr. Trump agreed to let Huawei purchase the US products.

While Xi Jinping agreed to purchase more agricultural produces from the US.


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