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Microsoft hires Samsung chief David Rhew
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Samsung Chief Medical Officer Joins Microsoft Health Team

Many companies are diversifying their business by entering into health care business. It’s one of the highest growing industries in the market. It’s significantly growing into each of the market segments. The tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are heavily investing in this industry.

Microsoft recently announced in its blog post that it has hired David Rhew as Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Health care. Mr. Rhew headed Samsung Electronics healthcare department in the United States. He is named one of the Top 50 Influential Clinical Executive leaders.

It’s not the first time Bill Gates owned company poached a leading executive. In the spring of this year, it snapped out Google Cloud’s health lead Greg Moore to look over their emerging technology and alliances. The company also hired  Josh Mandel, Alphabet’s Life Sciences Group, Verily.

“Data are quickly becoming the new currency in healthcare. Organizations that create value through secure storage, clinical interpretation, and the seamless exchange of data between patients and providers are emerging as the new leaders. Microsoft is positioned to lead in this capacity. I am honored to be a part of the team that builds and grows this business,” Mr. Rhew said in a statement.

He is renowned as one of the digital health leader in the industry. Mr. David has six patents in the clinical decision support system. Microsoft has been successful in announcing many partnerships in the health care systems. Recently, it announced that it has formed a partnership with Walgreens. The partnership will adhere to new healthcare delivery models.

Bill Gates owned non-profit organization recently appointed Dr. Andrew Richter as a deputy director at the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation.  He was an early employee at the Apple Health care system and worked on determining whether Apple products can detect early signs of dementia.


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