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Tinder Says Its Not Afraid Of Facebook Dating Service

The dating platform Tinder said it is not worried about the competition from Facebook dating service. The CEO of the company said that the brand influence among young adults will help Tinder to withstand competition from Facebook.

Tinder’s Chief Executive Elie Seidman said to CBNC that a decade ago where social media platforms competed for the users, Facebook was one of the prevailing social media influence among the users. I’m a big believer that you want to really focus at what you’re good at. Looking at the competition, it’s going to drive you into their thinking, and you really want to have distinct thoughts,” he added.

According to the company’s website, Tinder has daily 2 Billion active users and available in more than 190 countries. It also claims that it has more than a million dates per week. To expand its user base it has launched its lite version. The concept of lite version among the tech giant companies such as Facebook’s Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, and music app Spotify is been one of the grounds to increase the users where internet connectivity is slow and storage on the phone is a problem.

“We’ve done everything we possibly can to make you safe,” he said. “We always, of course, caution people and say, look, it’s not an alternate universe … it is the real world and the same caution and thoughtfulness you use in the real world, you should use on any digital community.”

The Tinder Lite version is 25X small than the original one. While it won’t have features like Feed in the main app. But one can use features such as Tinder Gold on its lite version.

Going forward to Facebook dating service, it announced in May 2018 while UK people can’t use the features yet. Recently Bustle confirmed with the Facebook rep, that it will enter the Europe market by 2020. Currently. The Facebook dating feature is currently  available in 19 countries around the world


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