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Trump Administration Sued By States For Its Reduction On Climate Changes

The Trump administration is being sued by more than 20 states for its rollback of climate-change guidelines for power plants.

This could lead to a landmark case determining what the federal government’s responsibility is for fighting global warming.

New York is taking the lead, followed by California as well as other states claiming that the federal government is giving up its responsibilities under the Clean Air Act.

All over, twenty-two states, the District of Columbia as well as six cities are filing the suit. The suit claims that the new rules the Environmental Protection Agency approved in June violated the law.

By eliminating necessities that would have helped in decreasing the greenhouse-gas emissions. Due to which there are climate changes, by effectively forcing coal-fired plants to close.

Although this suit is the latest response by several Democratic-led states, who claim the Trump administration’s policies have put the environment in danger.

However, Republican management has been developing back policies.

Especially the climate policy under Democratic President Mr. Barack Obama. Claiming it hinders development and pushes environmental laws beyond their intended purpose.

New York Attorney General Ms. Letitia James said in a statement, “Without a significant course correction, we are careening towards climatic disaster.” According to the sources.

Ms. James further added, “Rather than staying the course with policies aimed at fixing the problem and protecting people’s health, safety, and the environment, the Trump administration repealed the Clean Power and replaced it.”

However, and Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson said the agency is not willing to comment on pending litigation. According to the sources.


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