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UK Delays The Decision On Whether To Restrict Huawei

UK government has delayed the decision on whether to restrict Huawei. For now, Huawei will continue its equipment use in 5G networks. The restriction or ban is over the concern that the Chinese enterprise is helping the Chinese government to spy on the citizens.

Huawei’s equipment is being in the non-core parts of the 5G networks that don’t raise security/spying concerns in the future. Jeremy Wright, the cultural secretary said that the UK had no choice because it’s still in the process of gauging the impact of the U.S. sanctions on Huawei.

Various network carrier companies such as Vodafone and BT has already launched the  5G services by using Huawei’s equipment in the non-core parts of the networks. “The government is not yet in a position to decide what involvement Huawei should have in the provision of the UK’s 5G network,” Wright said. “Since the US government’s announcement, we have sought clarity on the extent and implications, but the position is not yet entirely clear. Until it is, we have concluded it would be wrong to make specific decisions in relation to Huawei.”

In the leak, UK’s National Security Council, chaired by Theresa May said that it wants to block Huawei from core parts of its 5G networks. The U.S. government have already banned 68 affiliates including Huawei that are considered a threat to national security. Google has withdrawn its operating system or stopped providing updates to Huawei’s phone in the market.

The telecom supply chain review by the UK says that it has not decided but they will do it in short course. While Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the labor party said that the spat between Huawei and the U.S. will roll the country out of the race of becoming the world’s leader in the 5G services.

“The future of our digital economy depends on trust in its safety and security,” Wright said. “We need to have the right measures in place to make our telecoms supply chain both safe and secure.”


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