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Indian Health Service Faces Poor Maintenance

US Indian Health Service Continues To Face Medical, Leadership Issues

Despite improvements made by top agency officials the US Indian Health Service continues to be plagued by poor medical care.

The staff remains untrained and the leadership turnovers continue. According to a government watchdog.

On Monday the report released by Watchdog said even the additional benefits provided cannot help the unmanageable federal health system problems.

A separate report, however, mentions the agency’s failure to follow their own regulations. The Indian Service center is also accused of increasing the risk of drug abuse and overdoses to its patients.

The reports released on Monday by the Office of the Inspector General of the US Health and Human Services Department.

The Department oversees that the Health center which provides healthcare to the native Americans and has failed to stop a pediatrician from sexually abusing young patients.

The Indian Health Service will now face a lot of investigations, including from a White House task force. Followed by reports in February regarding the Indian Health Service pediatrician.

The pediatrician is now convicted of sexual abuse.

Although the hospital faces a lot of health concerns, and low staffing since 2015 and 2016. There have been actions made or whatsoever.

An agency spokesperson said, “The Indian Health care system continues to face systematic challenges in providing access to comprehensive, quality health care in rural and remote areas. The Indian Health Service is implementing a strategic plan to address these challenges.”

However, the report said Indian Health Service brought in teams of experts that overhauled the hospital policies and fired problem staff and took over management of the hospital until it improved.

Although the improvements were made, the constant need for leadership continues in the hospital. A former Indian Health Service involved in hiring new employees reported rejecting many candidates. Their backgrounds were highly unqualified.


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