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YouTube Facing Investigation From Government Over Children Protection

YouTube is facing an investigation from the federal government over the inability to protect the children from the platform. The US government is in the last stages of the investigation for allegedly violating the children’s privacy. The Federal Commission has launched the investigation after complaints from various consumer groups and privacy advocates.

The complaint conveys that YouTube, owned by Google has failed to protect the kids who used the streaming service and allegedly collected the data that violates e Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, a 1998 law known as COPPA that forbids the tracking and targeting of users younger than age 13. According to numerous reports, the autoplay recommendation on the platform has allowed predators to take advantage of the children.

If YouTube found guilty, the Federal Commission will force to change the practices of Youtube. An FTC investigation into YouTube’s treatment of children online is long overdue,” said Senator Markey. “It is no secret that kids flock to YouTube every day, but the company has yet to take the necessary steps to protect its youngest users. I am pleased to see reports that the FTC is working to hold YouTube accountable for its actions.

Out of all the requests made from the policymaker critics that includes some of the employees says that YouTube should stop recommending videos that contain children, In February, YouTube has closed comments on the videos featuring the children. “When it comes to kids,” YouTube wrote in an unsigned June blog post, “we take an extra-cautious approach towards our enforcement and we’re always making improvements.”

YouTube has almost 2 Billion active users. It has the second highest traffic on the Internet world which is just behind of its parent company. “YouTube is a really high-profile target, and for obvious reasons, because all of our kids are on it,” said Marc Groman, a privacy lawyer who previously worked for the FTC and the White House. “But the issues on YouTube that we’re all grappling with are elsewhere and everywhere.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Youtube is considering to shift all kids content to a new standalone app called Youtube kids. Senator Markey added, “I will introduce legislation that will combat online design features that coerce children and create bad habits, commercialization and marketing that manipulate kids and push them into consumer culture, and the amplification of inappropriate and harmful content on the internet. It’s time for the adults in the room to step in and ensure that corporate profits no longer come before kids’ privacy.”


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